Sunday, March 16, 2008

Introducing MB Designs, New Location and Fashion Show!

Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce to you the new blog for MB Designs by Moanasyrene Boucher! On this blog will be her newest releases and events, and all concerning MB Designs. If you've never been privy to the wonderful couture dresses and outfit that Moanasyrene Boucher meticulously constructs, I wish you to do so as soon as possible!Yesterday (Saturday March 15th 08'), was the grand opening of MB Designs new location at Delhi. Also sharing this spot is Lingerie by Barbra Kungler and Zhao shoes, but is mainly an MB Designs store. For the grand opening, Moanasyrene had a fantastic fashion show displaying her new releases, all availible as of today! The fashion show was of the highest quality and sophisticated grandeur, coordinated by the beautiful model, SerinaJane Loon, and MC'd by the accomplished agency head, Lolita Nomura (KLP Fashion Agency). Afterwards was a huge after-party, lasting untill the wee hours. The fashion show and opening were, after all the sweat and tears, a huge success! I invite you all to visit the new location, and to continue visiting this blog for Md Design's newest releases.

To see a complete compilation of outfits released today, visit Moanasyrene Boucher's Flickr
For the new location, visit Delhi!